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Apollonia Dental Arts | 3D CT Imaging Scanner in West Milford

Apollonia Dental Arts
2 Franklin street
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Apollonia Dental Arts
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3D CT Imaging Scanner



Getting a CT scan is easy and comfortable. Patients are in a standing position and find it very different from lying down in hospital CT scanners. Standing up reveals your natural posture and jaw positioning, and how you hold your jaw and teeth together. And the scan itself is very quick, only 14 seconds.

The Sirona Orthophos XG 3D imaging system's eagle-eye view of bone and tooth orientation lets Dr. George spot problem areas, determine causes of patient symptoms, and plan treatment before the actual procedure.

Dr. George uses the CT scan as a tool for placing dental implants, treating impacted teeth, and diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. The 3-D views can reveal unusual shapes, tooth root shapes and nerve canal locations, plus fractures, changes in bone density, abscesses, cysts and even tumors. It also lets Dr. George perform virtual tooth surgery ahead of time to discover better treatment options and possible challenges.

It’s a great teaching tool. On the computer screen, we can rotate your head in any direction. It’s amazing to see a picture of your own jaw from any view. It’s easy for patients to understand their condition and learn about the treatment process.

The in-office the CT scan gives patients top technology, saves them time and money, and helps them better understand their teeth and their dental options. It saves a trip to the hospital for a CT scan, it’s a fraction of the radiation, and can help us catch a tumor. What’s not to like?

West Milford Dentist | 3D CT Imaging Scanner. George Athansios is a West Milford Dentist.